We are a family of horse lovers. Liz got her first horse when she was 4 years old. Her father(who traveled all over Colorado starting young horses under saddle), believing that all animals on a ranch had to have a job to do, gave her and her gelding the job of taking the milk cows to pasture every morning and bringing them home in the evening (about three miles down a country road). She has been involved with horses ever since except for a few years while she went to college to get a master’s degree, teaching certificate, and raise a family of three children. Liz taught school for 32 years and upon retirement decided to buy the Franktown ranch and move their horses there.

Fred, who also taught school for 34 years, got his taste of horses when he married Liz but wasn’t able to own one until 1989 when he bought his first filly, a weanling who later became a brood mare on Loftee Farm. He since has acquired 4 additional horses including the only Paint on the Farm. Fred enjoys attending clinics where he has picked up pointers on ground manners, starting young horses under saddle, leading, loading and all the right things for young horses to learn. He helps our young riders and occasionally our Boarders learn to handle their horses safely. His Masters Degree has come in handy with the horses too.

Alexis, our 14 year old Granddaughter has an adopted/rescue Half-Arabian that she started with as a very green horse and now trail rides and enjoys “Snowy” as her project. She is in her third year riding with the Westernaires (an entertainment performance group) and has made great progress as a horsewoman. She rides very well, as the Westernaires train their riders on a big variety of horses including mustangs. She has learned care, grooming, nutrition, safety, as well as her riding skills. Alexis lives on the Ranch and earns her Board by helping with the feeding and cleaning.

Shanna, our 11 year old Granddaughter has just finished her last year as a Walk/Trot rider in Hunter Pleasure. Her last show she won three Blue Ribbons and a Reserve Championship. She rides a 15’3 dark bay Gelding whom she loves and the feeling is returned by him. It is amusing to watch “Star” call to her when she arrives at the Farm. Shanna has become a very good rider too and she will join the world of the “big” girls (13 and Under) in 2007. Actually, she has been cantering rapidly around the outdoor arena for some time now.

Mack, our 13 year old Grandson loves coming to the Ranch where he does some target practicing, helps wherever he is needed, drives the tractor, and rides a little. However, riding is not his passion. He does enjoy bike riding, playing baseball and wrestling with our two standard Australian Sheppards, Foster and Pilgrim. The miniature Australian Sheppard, Treasure, gets into the act too.

Taylor, our 9 year old Granddaughter, also lives on the Ranch. She enjoys bike riding and looks forward to her first year riding with the Westernaires, next year. She wants to participate in the bareback riding division. She is very helpful with her two year old brother, Sabre who enjoys the horses and all the animals on the Ranch very much but mostly he enjoys being a two year old.

Mom and Dad, Jody and Mark, live on the Ranch and help with the managing of the many things that must be done on a Ranch.

Mom and Dad, Kim and Scott, live in Lakewood and drive out to the Ranch on a regular basis, every week-end so that Mack and Shanna can enjoy their Ranch activities.
Uncle Kent lives in Jefferson County and is our very valuable ‘Handy Man’ who drops everything to come to our rescue whenever we experience a ‘Farm Disaster’. Horses are not his lifestyle but they benefit from his expertise.

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